Vietnam Da Nang Shopping List: Da Nang Han Market, Lottemart, Bubu Shop Souvenir…

Vietnam Da Nang Shopping List: Da Nang Han Market, Lottemart, Bubu Shop Souvenir…

Danang Shopping List If you visit the four places mentioned here, you can buy all kinds of souvenirs from Danang, Vietnam. Da Nang Han Market, a rustic traditional market, and Da Nang Lotte Mart, which is optimized for purchasing industrial products

Vietnam Shopping List For those who want to buy quality and pretty Da Nang souvenirs at a reasonable price, I also highly recommend visiting Bubu Shop and Madame Hong. I’ve put together a shopping list for Danang, Vietnam.

1. Danang Han Market

Han Market

119 Đ. Trần Phú, Hải Châu 1, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000 베트남

Han Market is considered a must-see in Da Nang. They carry a wide range of products from food to industrial products. The first floor focuses on food.

The second floor was selling clothes and shoes. It is a traditional market frequented by locals as well. It’s built inside a building, but since it’s a market, I personally don’t like the packaging of the items.

The advantage of Danang Han Market is that it is an indoor space, so you can visit it regardless of the weather. If you look at the shopping list in Da Nang, Vietnam on the first floor, you will find a variety of items such as dried fruits and coffee.

Of course, there are Da Nang souvenirs as well. Here the price is not fixed and you need to bargain with the seller.

Danang Shopping List Vietnam Danang 

These souvenirs are pretty. It was made with conch shell decoration and seemed quite sturdy.

If you go up to the second floor, you will find a wealth of clothing and shoes on display. There were so many imitation items that I couldn’t find anything to buy.

Vietnam shopping list Ao Dai customization available here. If you want to try on traditional Vietnamese clothing, you can get it tailored here and you will have clothes that fit your body within a few hours.

There are also seasonal fruits. If you see something like mango, you will buy it here, right?

You can buy fruit at Lotte Mart in Da Nang, but the mart is located a little outside the city center, so you have to take a taxi for a long time.

It’s okay to buy fruit at Han Market

There are many rattan products at Danang Han Market. The quality was a bit disappointing. For those who want to purchase rattan products, I highly recommend Madame Hong shop, located nearby. The product quality is completely different.

They sell a variety of Da Nang souvenirs, so be sure to visit Madam Hong. It’s close to Han Market.

Since it is a market that sells agricultural and marine products as well as souvenirs from Da Nang, Vietnam, many locals come and go. Da Nang facing the sea

Do you know that Da Nang faces the sea? Here is full of fresh seafood.

It’s an obvious item on shopping lists in Vietnam, but it also carries a wide variety of souvenirs.

2. Danang Bubu Shop

Danang Bubu Shop

169 Đ. Trần Phú, Hải Châu 1, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000

If you want to buy it, go to Danang Couple Shop.

For me, Bubu Shop suits my shopping preferences better than Han Da Nang Market.

First of all, the store is clean. What I also like is that there are many items made by the owner himself. They make and sell their own products with the belief that they do not sell food that they cannot eat.

Because it is a bit far from downtown Da Nang Lotte Mart, you have to go there on purpose.

Bubu Shop is close to major attractions such as Han Market and Pink Cathedral, so it was easy to plan your route. This is a Danang souvenir shop that is great for a quick stop. I really like the product made from 100% fresh kumquat.

Summer is coming, I use a little calamansi juice mixed with carbonated water to create a very refreshing and delicious drink. I would also like to recommend pineapple, which was dried properly and had a good texture, to the Da Nang shopping list.

Vietnam Danang Shopping List: Rattan Accessories

I saw several. If you want to see rattan bags in clearly, go to Madam Hong, located next to Danang Bubu Shop. There are many items on display.

Nuts such as cashews and macadamias are also popular items. Because it is neatly packaged, it is also perfect as a gift.

Did you see the price listed? At Han market in Da Nang, the price is quite expensive, but each buyer will be able to buy at a different price depending on their ability to bargain.

I felt comfortable because the Bubu shop had fixed prices.

I found this when shopping for souvenirs in Da Nang, Vietnam. This is a handmade ice cream made from 100% mango. It’s just frozen sweet mango but it’s so refreshing and delicious!

Do you know that Vietnam is a coffee-producing region? Bubu Shop is also selling Vietnamese coffee. If you feel like you miss Vietnamese coffee, get a coffee phin, a tool for making strong coffee.

Lotte Mart in Da Nang is optimized for purchasing industrial products such as snacks. When it comes to handmade snacks and props, Bubu Shop and Madam Hong are the best.

​The first time I saw shelled macadamia nuts in Vietnam. There are macadamia nuts hidden inside the hard shell. It is a nut with a nutty flavor. This dish is perfect as a snack with beer.

We have a variety of cute and small souvenirs from Da Nang, Vietnam, so take a close look. There are a lot of pretty things.

3. Danang Madame Hong

Madame Hong

147 Đ. Trần Phú, Hải Châu 1, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000 베트남

If you decide to buy a lovely rattan bag, you must come here.

Many products are designed and manufactured in-house and are not available elsewhere.

You can make your own rattan bag by choosing a bag and adding colorful tassel decorations. Some products are quite fragile and break quickly, but the rattan bags I bought here really last a long time.

The rattan bag I bought a few years ago is still in good use.

Madame Hong Shop is selling great quality items at reasonable prices so you would be remiss not to buy them. In Korea, there are few places with such affordable prices. I also looked at rattan bags at Han Da Nang market, but Madam Hong’s products didn’t catch my eye.

In addition to Da Nang souvenirs, we also bought colorful items.

Wide-brimmed hats and maxi dresses in basic colors are also on sale.

You can see the price of rattan bags below, I have attached the price.

400,000 VND is less than 23,000 Korean won. Price is also good.

4. Danang Lotte Mart

Danang Lotte Mart

6 Nại Nam, Hoà Cường Bắc, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng, 베트남

Take a look at the Da Nang shopping list I wrote about previously, including: snacks, jelly, ramen noodles, sauces and chocolates and put them all in your cart.

This chili sauce goes especially well with fried foods. It is especially popular among Koreans who enjoy spicy flavors.

Vietnamese style pho noodles with impressive soft noodles cannot be left out of your shopping list.

There were also products produced and distributed directly by Da Nang Lotte Mart.

As expected, Lotte Mart seems to have a tight grip on Vietnam.

Snacks with dried fruits and vegetables.

There are single varieties and some combinations of different flavors, but I chose the mixed fruit variety.

There are some people who buy wine on the Vietnamese shopping list.

There are wine-producing regions such as Dalat, but when I drink it, the taste is not good..

I was more pleased with the kimbap than the souvenirs from Lotte Mart in Da Nang, Vietnam, which I stopped by while living in Vietnam for a month.

There is also a corner selling Korean food.

Conclusion! Da Nang Han Market is perfect for sightseeing.

For shopping in Da Nang, we highly recommend Lotte Mart, Bubu Shop, and Madame Hong.

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