Da Nang Shopping List: Da Nang Han Market Bubu Shop, Madame Hong

Da Nang Shopping List: Da Nang Han Market, Bubu Shop, Madame Hong

I left Da Nang, Vietnam without even thinking about my shopping list, but I ended up buying more things than anyone else!

I brought a lot of souvenirs and gifts to give to friends at Han market in Da Nang. Madame Hong and Bubu Shop (right in front of the Pink church) are the easiest places to visit.

Today I will introduce good things to buy at the market and these two stores.

  1. Suggested shopping list for Han market in Da Nang

Danang Han Market offers a variety of products and foods. Since they are sold together, there is the advantage of being able to buy multiple items at once, but there is also the disadvantage that they over-offer and mark up the prices too high!

After walking around for nearly an hour, the atmosphere in the house was so stuffy. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even wear an ao dai, so I just bought a pair of comfortable slippers and went out!

When coming to Han Market in Da Nang, you should consider the products you want to buy first and then buy them later. Just because it’s indoors doesn’t mean it’s always cool, it’s actually very stuffy here because of the dust!

The price of ao dai varies depending on whether it is ready-made or tailor-made, the tailor-made version costs from 25,000 to 30,000 won. When I bought a ready-made set, I thought it was about 15,000 won.

The price is up to you to bargain, I think the price is quite suitable but the material is too hot, the temperature is over 40 degrees so, in the end, I can’t choose.

There are also beautiful local dresses, these are clothes you can see a lot in Korea so it’s okay to buy one or two. It feels like the price is not worth the value so bargaining is necessary when going to the market!

Mangoes cost about 2,500 won/kg. I don’t know the sugar content so just look!

I bought the shoes at a cheap price! As soon as I arrived in Da Nang, my shoes were uncomfortable.

I bought slippers at Han Market in Da Nang for 7,000 won. These sandals are really comfortable and I wore them beautifully!

​I just got my nails done in Da Nang and they match my sandals, right?!

Obviously, the price in Vietnam is cheaper than in Korea but the shoe quality is good! So I recommend sandals at the market to your shopping list in Da Nang!

Do you buy the most rattan products in Danang, Vietnam?

I bought some at Han market in Da Nang. Because the product designs are not diverse, I went to Madam Hong and Bubu Shop Da Nang.

  1. Bubu Shop

Most of my shopping list in Da Nang comes from Bubu Shop and Madame Hong.

Bubu Shop focuses on food, while Madame Hong has a lot of miscellaneous items such as accessories and rattan items, so you should keep this in mind when visiting Da Nang! ​The two places are 1-2 minutes apart so going together is fun, and there are staff who can speak Korean. Detailed descriptions of each product are in Korean so purchasing is not difficult!

First I stopped by Bubu Shop! I stopped by to look at rattan bags and buy gifts for friends, there are many good quality products!

The rattan bag’s design is beautiful and sturdy, so it is very suitable for you to bring along on your trip to Da Nang. And since small sizes are trending these days, small bags are also gaining traction!

My sister went to Da Nang with me and bought a white rattan bag, the price is reasonable and the capacity is huge!

There is also a square bag that is very convenient to carry! I also want to hold something cute like this if I don’t have a camera, but because I have a camera, I need both hands to be light.

I always buy products that can be carried on my shoulder.

Also, since the bag accessories are sold separately, I thought it would be a good idea to attach separate accessories to the bag to take with you in the summer!

There are also colorful bags that are perfect for taking on vacation and the material is perfect. It’s so light and good that it feels weightless!

Magnets are definitely the best souvenir on your Da Nang shopping list! I think magnets are the best thing to remember a trip memory. I already have many magnets so I bought a lot of delicious food as gifts for friends!

I think I won’t go shopping much in Da Nang, Vietnam. But after trying so many things at Bubu Shop, I couldn’t resist buying it!

The top choice at Da Nang Bubu Shop is cashew nuts! I tried this and bought it. It’s very fragrant and delicious so I bought a lot! If you buy 5, get 1 free, so get 6! I gave it as a gift to my friends and they all loved it!

You can taste it at Bubu Shop! Since you can try most products before you buy, there’s no need to worry about taste.

All products come with price and ingredient information so purchasing is easy!

It’s also sold as a gift set like this one. It is a 3-piece set including cashew nuts, macadamia nuts and tea. This is a suggested Da Nang shopping list if you want to give gifts to your friends!

Bubu Shop also has Detox tea! They even gave me a sample of Detox tea so I tried it at the hotel.

I think you can come and buy it the next day!

I went to Bubu Shop twice during my time in Da Nang! Detox tea is excellent to drink when you want to eliminate toxins. After making tea, add ice to the bottle and take it when you go out.

If you go to Da Nang, Vietnam, you can buy a lot of dried mangoes. Actually, the ones I buy at the supermarket or market seem too sweet and contain a lot of sugar, so I don’t buy them often. I like to buy dried mango at Bubu Shop because it contains no coloring, sugar, or preservatives!

In addition to dried mango, there is also dried pineapple, so it will be very interesting to try it and buy it!

Vietnam is also famous for coffee! There are two types of coffee: Black Mountain and Red Mountain.

For those who want a delicious taste, drink Red Mountain! If you want a taste like dark chocolate, drink Black Mountain! There are comprehensive instructions so I can buy without needing any help from the staff.

I can smell the coffee! I also bought coffee as a gift for my younger brother and his wife! This type is definitely different from the coffee you buy at Lotte Mart. (I also bought coffee at Lotte Mart!)

There are also noni extract and noni soap. It is said that Noni products are popular on shopping lists in Da Nang, Vietnam! But instead of buying noni, I mainly buy cashew nuts and dried mango, which taste nutty!

The first day I visited Bubu Shop in Da Nang, I brought each dish home to taste more, the next day I brought many delicious dishes as gifts!

Dried mango and cashew nuts are on the shopping list in Da Nang.

I would recommend this dish because first of all, it’s delicious! The dried mango is delicious because it has no sugar, and the cashews are the best I’ve ever tasted!

​Mango ice cream is worth enjoying when coming to Bubu Shop! It’s frozen mango, like ice cream, cool and delicious!

  1. Da Nang General shopping list

​I’m so excited to buy two sets of clothes at Madam Hong Da Nang! The quality is good and the color is so beautiful that I bought it without hesitation! There are a lot of products here and many are exclusively produced, so you might go crazy when you see them!

​Madam Hong store has a lighting system that attracts the eye as soon as you enter! I really like the light in this store?!

The products I saw at Bubu Shop are also available at Madame Hong. But Madame Hong has a wider selection of rattan bags and accessories.

There are also rattan bags for adults and children to carry, so cute. Perfect for little girls!

I wanted to buy a design like this, the staff introduced me to it and the color was so beautiful that I wanted to buy it right away.

I brought two hats with me when I went to Da Nang. UV rays are very strong so wearing a hat every day is essential. Maybe you should buy a hat that fits you when traveling here!

There are many different types of accessories that can be worn on the bag. I specifically bought the green one because the smile is so cute!

If you add an accessory to a boring bag, it will be a beautiful accent! There are many different types of accessories, so take a look around. It took a long time just to put it on. I feel happy because I see beautiful, shimmering items. I didn’t know I had so many shopping lists in Da Nang.

Besides the accessory, there is also a scarf. Nowadays, scarves can also be used as hair ties. The price and quality are both good so it’s worth buying.

​While looking at looks I could wear at the resort, I came across a melon and apricot pink dress.

I bought 2, good quality cotton. I take it with me every time I go on vacation! Comfortable design and pretty good material!

I bought two sets of clothes, a small bag, and accessories to wear during my trip to Da Nang!

I wore it very comfortably at Nam Retreat Resort, it didn’t stick to my body and it was great wearing a swimsuit underneath! I originally planned to have a light trip to Da Nang this time, but when I left I realized I had bought a lot of things.

Especially from Bubu Shop and Madame Hong.

I am very satisfied with the souvenirs I gave to my acquaintances. My family also loves the taste of cashews. I’m planning to visit Da Nang, Vietnam in June and I think I’ll stock up on cashews then!

One box is enough~ but I keep reaching for it~! ​If you are planning to travel to Da Nang, you should refer to the shopping list and make a purchase!