Shopping list in Da Nang, Vietnam: Han Market, Madame Hong

Shopping list in Da Nang, Vietnam: Han Market, Madame Hong

Written and photographed by Soraebroe’s new ex-wife, Jo An-ri!

A trip to Da Nang cannot be complete without the joy of shopping! : ) What to buy and what to avoid in Da Nang, Vietnam, affordable prices ~

Today I compiled a shopping list in Da Nang, Vietnam! A must if we go to Dana! Let me introduce you to the Da Nang Han market shopping list that you must visit!


First of all, because there are many money exchange offices in Da Nang near Han market, this is probably the first place tourists visit! 🙂

Today if you give 100 dollars, the exchange rate is 2,345,000 VND! If the dollar is old, get it without any wrinkles!!

When entering the Han market in Da Nang, it is crowded with people and the musty smell is due to dried fish! Because Vietnamese rat meat is famous, they even grill it! 🙂

Mango jelly is the most popular, but for some reason, many types of dried fish, dried fruit and mango jelly are not available in packages, so I don’t recommend shopping here!

Bargaining for coffee is tiring, so buy coffee, mango jelly and snacks at Lotte Mart!!

What I bought at the Han market was Bach Ho oil! At first they sold for 80,000 VND per unit, but later they sold for 70,000 to 80,000 VND per unit! At Han market, try bargaining for 40-50% off the asking price!

I highly recommend this as the thing to shop at Han Market in Da Nang! It’s great for gently rubbing on mosquito bites and muscle aches!

The first floor focuses on dried fish and food, while the second floor sells clothes, shoes and bags!!

The most worth buying item at the Han market is the ao dai! You can also customize the ao dai, but the ao dai usually costs 240,000 VND (about 12,000 won)! 🙂 It looks so beautiful when you take pictures wearing ao dai!

The price of the dress is 7,000~8,000 won but I feel like it can only be worn in Vietnam?, My mom bought the dress to wear as a robe but she said it was very uncomfortable so she didn’t wear it just for one day! The clothes seem a bit small!

Fruit shopping is something not to be missed on the Korean market shopping list! If you like mangoes, come here and buy a lot! 50,000 VND per kg! That’s 2,500 won, about 2 large mangoes!

Mango Apple is also available these days!! Here, they cut the mangoes themselves so you can comfortably enjoy them right at the resort!

Han Market has many places that sell rattan bags. In fact, at the beginning of my trip to Da Nang, I bought one or two but mine broke so I threw them away… when I arrived in Korea, I was quite embarrassed to take it out haha.

The price of the rattan bag is reasonable but the quality is not very good… Bring it to Seoul and it will be a beautiful bag!! For rattan bags, I recommend Bubu Shop or Madame Hong!

Bubu Shop in front of the Pink Church

If you walk 3-4 minutes from Han Market, you will reach the Pink Church! This is also a place not to be missed when traveling to Da Nang.

The Bubu Shop right across the street is also a place not to be missed when traveling to Da Nang! 🙂

Most of the products sold at Bubu Shop are produced and directly supervised by the owner locally, and every step from purchasing to processing is cleaned, making this a trustworthy place.

I recommend buying Danang travel gifts for your parents here! Like high-quality hibiscus tea~~

You can even buy macadamia, a Vietnamese specialty, with shells like this!! They make it so easy to peel and eat which is a great idea!

The best part is you can try most of the products!! You can fill your stomach here and go!

The product I bought is coconut oil, high quality and edible because it is pure oil! I use it to spray my body after showering, and it’s really moisturizing!! It doesn’t smell and it’s really cute!

And Noni extract is an indispensable gift of Da Nang! I bought this and my parents! You can dilute it and drink it, but I’ve heard people drink this at home to aid digestion! Haha, 2 bottles are good for 1 month, so the 2-bottle box is beautifully packaged, making it a very suitable gift!

The rattan bag is so cute!! I bought a high quality rattan bag at Bubu Shop ~ You can even choose and attach tassel accessories to your handmade rattan bag! The handle of a rattan bag is very important, it is really sturdy and quite well made.

When you come to Vietnam and taste Vietnamese coffee, you want to try it at home, right? Try buying coffee beans and coffee phin at Bubu Shop ~~!! Bringing the taste of a coffee shop home!! Memories of my trip to Vietnam keep coming back to me!

You can see the Pink cathedral from a store like this! If you come to the Pink Church, please stop by the couple shop!

Madame Hong

And Madam Hong, a Da Nang clothing store that opened just last year, has a lot of stylish things here!! If you want to buy a dress in Da Nang, come to Madame Hong!

Take a look at the display store, buy a complete set of hats, dresses and rattan bags and have a wonderful trip to Da Nang, Vietnam!

Even though it was morning, I was surprised to see so many guests!! This is also near the Pink Church so everyone walks in after seeing the display window! The rattan bag is so beautiful, isn’t it? The quality is also good! Plus, the price is reasonable!

I went to Chiang Mai to buy rattan bags and they are very similar to the high quality products made in Chiang Mai! But the design is more beautiful!!

Madame Hong Rattan Bag is a handmade product made from natural materials so the quality is outstanding~ 🙂 So beautiful that deciding what to buy is the problem! ^^

A handmade resort dress~~ I highly recommend this! It’s a maxi dress, and it would look great on skinny girls, and it covers the body just like my mom’s, which is amazing!! 🙂 There are many different colors and fabrics so choosing one is a problem!! You can buy a beautiful resort dress for 20,000 to 30,000 won!

There are also one-piece dresses for babies so it would be great to wear them as a couple with mom!

And all Da Nang tourist souvenirs are here! Haha, I couldn’t find a suitable magnet at Han Da Nang market, but this is the perfect one! And Vietnam Da Nang Snowball is here! 🙂

I bought a dress as a gift for my mother!

And on my next trip to Da Nang, I took my mom with me and dressed like this! Mom said it’s comfortable, cool and beautiful, so next time I go to Da Nang, I’ll go to Madam Hong to shop for clothes first! 🙂

Today, I introduce a shopping list in Da Nang, Vietnam, starting with fruits from Han Market Da Nang, Madame Hong rattan bags from Bubu Shop and a gift! Wishing you a happy shopping in Da Nang!!

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