Shopping list for Souvenirs in Da Nang Vietnam

Shopping list for Souvenirs in Da Nang Vietnam

Da Nang, Vietnam is considered one of the favorite tourist destinations of Koreans. Reasonable flight time, you can see the sea, enjoy Vietnamese food and most of all, the price is cheap so you don’t need to worry about buying a bunch of Da Nang souvenirs. So, after a few visits to Da Nang, I already have a few places with high-quality Vietnamese dishes on my shopping list. I visited again after a few times and I was still very satisfied so I wanted to introduce it to you.

Bubu Shop Da Nang

Bubu Shop Da Nang

169 D. Tran Phu, Hai Chau 1, Hai Chau, Da Nang 550000 Vietnam

⊙ Address: 169 D. Tran Phu, Hai Chau 1, Hai Chau, Da Nang 550000 Vietnam

⊙ Operating hours: 09:00~20:00

This store with its blue sign caught my attention, Bubu Shop Da Nang sells high-quality items. The location is also very good, located right in front of the Pink Church, a place not to be missed when traveling to Da Nang, so you can visit the church and then go shopping at Bubu Shop Da Nang.

The inside was very clean, and the staff, dressed in neat uniforms, greeted us warmly. It felt like I was in a high-end cosmetics store rather than a souvenir shop.

Well, as a bag lover, cute rattan bags caught my eye first. It is a rattan bag that everyone buys at least once when coming to Da Nang, the finishing and design are very sturdy and excellent.

There are so many different styles, from cute crossbody bags to these large totes. Above all, it is very useful during travel.

Outdoor season is coming up so I thought it would be a good idea to take it along on a light outing. Tassels were added to make it more luxurious.

There are many magnetic items that you must buy at least once during your trip. These items are inexpensive and highly symbolic, so they are popular items on the shopping list in Da Nang.

One of the must-try dishes when traveling to Vietnam is Tac juice! It’s a sour fruit but it’s sold as juice like this. It can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 month and frozen for 6 months and can be drunk by mixing with water, carbonated water, or soju.

Rumored to be good for dieters and once caused a stir, buying a bottle of this to take home means you can enjoy Vietnamese flavors all the time. And best of all, it’s really good.

Diverse Da Nang souvenir items are neatly displayed on shelves and it seems that only popular items such as coffee beans, tea, snacks, and dried chicken… are carefully selected.

Vietnam is also a famous coffee-producing region, Bubu Shop also sells coffee beans so you can enjoy Vietnamese coffee even when you return home. It’s not instant coffee like G7 but real coffee beans!

Among the different types of tea, the most prominent is Detox tea! This is one of the items on my shopping list in Da Nang that I bought with the intention of detoxifying because it’s hot season now so I pay more attention to things.

It’s unique in that Detox tea is made from natural dried fruit, but when added to water, the color becomes beautiful like this. It has a fruity flavor, is easy to drink and is good for the body. If you want to have a light body, this is the choice on your shopping list in Da Nang!

Cinnamon tea also caught my eye, but it is not made with powder but with real cinnamon sticks. It’s very good to drink when you’re about to catch a cold, and the scent is also quite pleasant

The packaging is beautiful and seems very useful so this is a perfect Da Nang souvenir. Cinnamon is quite expensive in Korea, but you can buy good quality and cheap cinnamon tea at Bubu Shop.

This is lemon tea, made with dried lemons! This seems good to drink as tea, perfect for people like me who feel lazy to drink water.

I think noni fruit is one of the indispensable dishes when traveling to Da Nang. It is known to have various effects such as dieting, and eliminating inflammation and swelling, and Noni fruit extract is also sold here.

It’s great to take it with you because it comes in a bottle like this, but if you give it to your parents it will be a very welcome souvenir from Da Nang. Ingredients are clearly listed so you can buy with confidence.

Cashew nuts are also one of the items that many people shop for in Da Nang. I also bought it before when traveling to Da Nang, the taste is very delicious. It is said that cashew nuts are rich in vitamins so they are good to eat every day. This is one of the most expensive nuts in Korea so it is better to buy it when you come to Da Nang.

Since you can try it at Bubu Shop, you should taste it before buying. It’s delicious and crispy.

Dried coconut and peanut cake are so luxurious! There are many snacks that taste delicious, but especially coconut cake.

The dried chicken dish is surprisingly delicious. Chicken jerky made from chicken may be a bit strange, but give it a try. I tried. It is cut into small pieces so it is easy to eat and tastes best when sipped with beer.

And I bought this to eat right away!! This is mango ice cream made from fresh mangoes.

Mango ice cream! However, it is not mango-flavored ice cream but mango ice cream made from real mangoes. It’s a ripe mango so it’s very sweet, melts in your mouth, and helps cool you down very well.

Madame Hong

Madame Hong

After walking around Bubu Da Nang store, we went to Madam Hong store to buy the next items on our Da Nang shopping list. The pink sign caught my eye immediately, this is a store that specializes in handbags?!

As expected, the store is not large but is famous among Koreans for selling many beautiful and quality rattan bags. The quality is much better when compared to rattan bags in the Korean market. Plus, the price is also very reasonable.

Instead of a grand interior, the place is full of cute little products and perhaps because the main color of the shop is pink, the cards on the bags are all pink.

They sell a lot of bags and beachwear. I love the cape dress because it’s so colorful and soft to wear.

When I looked at the bags hanging on the wall, they looked a bit strange but they were all very unique, exactly my style.

It was worth buying two items that are hard to find even in Korea. Some bags are just made of rattan, but there are also bags that are a little more colorful like this one.

I feel like it would be perfect for a picnic! I think it would be a great idea to keep it as a souvenir, especially when taking photos in the spring. My younger brother, who went with me to buy a shopping list in Da Nang before coming to Kosiguk, also bought a similar bag here and has been carrying it with him for 5 years now. Haha, very good and sturdy quality.

I like things with charms or tassels like this so I got this one. Even though it’s the same bag, the feeling is completely different depending on the outfit you wear, so next time I go, I think it’s a good idea to just buy tassels and change them.

There’s also an adorable style bag like this one, but it looks like it’s actually a styling bag! It’s very small.

The tassels sold with bags come in many colors. These colors have a mood-boosting effect just by looking at them, so I thought it would be great to just hang them on my bag and carry them with me.

There are so many cute oversized handbags to buy as souvenirs in Da Nang, and even things I thought I wouldn’t be able to bring were perfect for this place.

Everyone has different preferences so the way they see things is also very different, even the friend I went with saw something completely different and I feel lucky to have so many choices.

On the shopping list in Da Nang, there were accessories that went well with a pretty bag. Madame Hong clearly liked the color pink, these colorful items were displayed without looking out of place so I immediately wanted to buy them. The shop owner here is really sexy and everything is so beautiful.

The bag is quite large so I think it would be suitable to take with me when swimming. Today’s shopping trip in Da Nang was a success because I bought what I liked.

This is my first trip to Da Nang after a long time, so I really enjoyed resting at the resort and traveling to explore, but I also really enjoyed the time spent shopping and buying souvenirs from Da Nang.

Da Nang is cheaper than Korea, so the attraction of this place is that you can fill your suitcase! Bubu Shop and Madam Hong are located near the Pink Church, above all you can buy rattan bags, high-quality Da Nang souvenirs to fill