Bubu journey

Bubu and 7-year journey to elevate Vietnamese agricultural products

Doing business with our heart, we have never disappointed our customers

We are Bubu, originating from Vietnamese and Korean young people with a love for Vietnamese agricultural products and Vietnamese people, we wish to bring high quality dried fruit products to friends around the world.

Maybe you know, or don’t care about the story of farmers being pressured by traders on prices every time they harvest, and the poor harvest over the years is still an eternal problem that is difficult to solve. But for us, Vietnamese agricultural products are of very good quality and can create much more value than that.

For me, although I am Korean, my love for Vietnam is real. I have loved Vietnamese people and agricultural products since the first time I came here in 2010. With this love, my family and I chose Da Nang. Da Nang is a permanent residence. However, in 2017, the opportunity for Vietnamese agricultural products really came to us. We met friends, teammates, and young Vietnamese people who love and understand Vietnamese agricultural products and are extremely enthusiastic and ambitious to accompany us. We started scouring all Vietnamese agricultural areas such as Binh Phuoc cashew nuts, Buon Me Thuot coffee, Hoai Loc mangoes, western aromatic granaries… There were trips where we still didn’t know who we would meet or where they would be located. What is the accuracy of agricultural product-growing households? Luckily we are always grateful to have received sincere help from many local people on our journey to find Vietnamese agricultural products.

For each household and cooperative we cooperate with, we are partly happy because there are good suppliers, and partly happy because of the joy of honest farmers who have found stable output for their agricultural products.

After nearly a year of incubation and preparation by us and our friends, Bubu was born. Although there were many difficulties that came our way and at one point we were forced to close the store, our love for Vietnamese agricultural products and responsibility for thousands of farmers across the country helped us overcome everything.

Currently, Bubu shop’s main products are dried fruits such as dried mango, dried pineapple, and detox tea from tropical fruits, which are being sold through online sales channels and stores in Da Nang and Nha Trang. In addition, Bubu has succeeded in bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to many places around the world, especially the Korean, Japanese, and Australian markets…

Since 2022, we have added a Madame Hong store – Handbags & Accessories, specializing in manufacturing and distributing Handmade handbags and accessories made by artisans from many traditional craft villages across the country. water.

Bubu hopes that these efforts can contribute to the further development of Vietnamese agricultural products and traditional craft villages in Vietnam.