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I have to take Incheon Airport in Da Nang and go to Tokyo right away even without luggage 

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It’s right across from Pink Church, near one market. Accessibility is great!

There are many beautiful items but I mainly focus on light items!

It would be great to bring a white robe when swimming.

Mesh bag only 80,000 VND (4,400 won),

Neck scarf 45,000 VND (2,500 won).

In addition, there are also small accessories and food, I’m so happy I bought it at a very cheap price❤️

Of course, Da Nang is the best place to eat, drink, get massages and shop~

I was suffering because of the high prices in Europe, so when I came to Vietnam, I loved this place even more!

Buying a lovely scarf for just the price of a water bottle….. So touching????????

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