When I go on a trip, I make sure to buy gifts for those around me.

I was able to purchase with confidence from Danang Bubu Shop, which sells products processed from agricultural products grown in Vietnam.

Local products such as those in the market are not suitable as gifts, but the packaging of all Danang Bubu Shop products is luxurious, and they are currently holding an event where you can receive an additional pack when you purchase 4 packs of all products.

It’s perfect for buying in bulk!

✓ Cleanly processed with the best raw materials based on the principle of no sugar, no preservatives, no coloring

✓ Bubu Shop only handles safe products that can be trusted and consumed by everyone from children to the elderly.

✓ If you want, all products can be shipped to Korea.

✓ Above all, it is located right in front of the Pink Cathedral, a must-visit destination in Da Nang. It’s just right to stop by on the way to the Pink Cathedral.


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